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Elite Wheel Company is a NZHRA approved engineer.

Elite has been supplying speedway wheels to numerous clientelle since 1992 including stockcars, saloon cars, modifieds and sprint cars.

Lightweight steel wheels & ultralight spun steel wheels can be made upon request.

Sizes 13" & 15" any width.
Available in a variety of stud patterns.


Elite can supply the following ...

  • Stockcar wheels
  • Saloon & Modified wheels
  • Beadlock Kits
  • Alutra Lite Centreless Rims
  • 15x7 Chrome D window stockcar wheels
  • NASCAR D window centres
  • Wide 5 and 6 pin Alutra Lite Centres


Elite Wheel Company. ? Christchurch ? New Zealand ? Maintained by NEES Graffix


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